realizing honest trade for local farmers

Realizing honest trade for local farmers

Helping farmers with sustainable farming and producing fairtrade products

consumer increasingly make ethical choices

Consumers increasingly make ethical choices

A significant segment of the public is willing to back Fairtrade’s principles of equity and justice in trade by choosing Fairtrade certified products.

fairtrade sales kee increasing

The cashew nut fits perfectly in plant based diets

Due to this reason his popularity is expected to keep growing the up coming years. And we as MAP will be more than happy to play a facilitating win/win role in this trend.

We at MAP strive to make a big difference for both our farmers and our clients!

Being experienced in the cashew market I, Jaap Vermulm, have the ambition to establish a small, sustainable cashew nut processing plant in the southeast of Ivory Coast, West Africa.

Jaap Vermulm


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Jaap Vermulm


Fairtrade is becoming more common


More and more consumers are critically examining the conditions in which their food has been produced. ’Fair trade’ products are therefore rising in popularity; bananas, coffee, chocolate - those are all available in fair trade form. Also for nuts, fair trade lines & networks are slowly taking shape, but there is still much to be gained.


We aim to become a processing and trading company known for its support among farmers and for taking responsibility and fair trading among our customers.

Cashew nuts

Ivory Coast is Africa’s biggest Raw Cashew Nut (RCN) producer. A cashew nut tree needs up to 3 and 4 years to start give nuts. It will even take up to 5 and 6 years until the tree is in his full swing. (and goes nuts) It is a tree which can go up to 15 meters high and the ideal climate conditions for this tree are: tropical.

Cashew nut
Cacao beans

Cacao beans

Together with Ghana, Ivory Coast produces around 60 % of the worldwide cacao harvest. This tree will need up to 4 year before he starts producing and will reach up to 10 meters high. As you might expect : also for this tree the ideal climate is tropical.

Chicken and Eggs

Unlike Cashew and Cacao which are products mainly destinated for export. Chicken and egg are products for the local Ivory Coast market. Chicken which are meant for egg production can start producing after 6 months. Chicken for meat consumption need up to (dit moet ik nog even navragen) months. The region where we are established is know for his chicken industry.

chicken and eggs